Weidner Center’s Wood Family organ takes center stage for Friday show

The Weidner Center’s Wood Family Organ — and a visiting musician who will play it Friday — was at the center of a Tuesday (April 8) column from Local 5 Critic-at-Large Warren Gerds. Organist Paul Jacobs will perform Friday (April 11), headlining a Brown County Civic Music Association concert at the Weidner. In Tuesday’s column, Jacobs speaks about the 3,702-pipe organ, its traits and the anticipation of getting reacquainted with the instrument — it “should be like revisiting an old friend,” Jacobs notes. “It’s just the right size for the hall — voiced beautifully for the room. … I anticipate sitting at the organ to prepare for the performance, re-exploring the lovely array of colors and wide dynamic range, from sensuous strings to blazing-hot reeds.”
For ticket info, visit www.bccivicmusic.org/tickets/.
Read Gerds’ full column.

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