Pfeifer says UW-Green Bay is ‘underappreciated asset’

Former UW-Green Bay associate chancellor for external affairs and chief of staff Ronald Pfeifer wrote a flattering column in the Green Bay Press-Gazette about the University, March 26, 2018 about the University. Pfeifer worked for UW-Green Bay for two years after serving four decades as a practicing attorney. “The quality of teaching at UWGB is amazing,” he wrote. “Time after time, I wished that I could attend classes taught by instructors I had come to know during my time on campus. Their command of the subjects was often dazzling to me and it was available to students who wanted to benefit from it. The performing arts experiences at UWGB are under-valued and under-attended… Lazy state employees? I didn’t find them. The people with whom I interacted were incredibly dedicated to the students at UWGB and worked tirelessly for their benefit…” Read the rest.