Governor says he’s willing to consider Wisconsin Idea Partnership

Gov. Scott Walker says he’s open to a plan that would offer campuses in the UW System more flexibility, similar to what he’s offering UW-Madison. Look for the Friday, March 25, entry on the Wisconsin Public Radio website.

‘We’ll have what she’s having!’
Some notable headlines, recently, in coverage of the proposed UW-Madison spinoff:
* Editorial, Kenosha News: ‘One system is enough’
* UW-River Falls student paper: ‘Walker’s budget threatens congruity of UW System’
* Badger Herald student paper at UW-Madison: “We’ll have what she’s having”

Meanwhile, Madison’s Martin writes to legislators
UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin has responded to the letter to lawmakers authored by thirteen of her (at least for now) UW System colleagues. She said she generally supports the request for additional flexibility at the other institutions, but said she wants to see more detail about the Wisconsin Idea Partnership and how it might affect UW-Madison. Her letter is archived at the Madison news site.

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