Old-Fashioned drink sparks name for Wisconsin-inspired golf business; marketing students give advice

Inspiration for a business name can come from an unusual source. Such was the case for Kyle Herzog, Scott Biely and Joe Maretti of northeastern Wisconsin. When they began planning a business selling golf polos and accessories, they thought long and hard about a name that would typify Wisconsin.

“In the first couple of days after deciding to start the business, we asked ourselves, ‘What does Wisconsin love?’ And, the answer that came to us was, ‘Wisconsin loves the Old-Fashioned.’ That was perfect — a cool-sounding name with a Midwestern feel,” Herzog said. “We became ‘Old Fashioned Golf.’” Just like the Old-Fashioned cocktail that Wisconsin made its own by swapping out whiskey for brandy, the three entrepreneurs are on a mission to make Old Fashioned Golf (www.oldfashionedgolf.com) stand out as a brand that is Wisconsin-inspired.

…They have relied on the skills that each brings to the business. Two of the partners have sales and marketing backgrounds; that has been helpful in branding. But they haven’t just relied on that. Early on, they worked with a mentor from the Green Bay SCORE chapter and solicited advice from other business owners. A class at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay helped with marketing as a group project.

Source: Old-Fashioned drink sparks name for Wisconsin-inspired golf business, Green Bay Press-Gazette

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