Dean Dornbush talks benefits of National Estuarine Research Reserve

“Matt Dornbush has an acronym that sums up the benefits of a proposed National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) for the waters of Green Bay,” writes Jim Lundstrom for Peninsula Pulse. “It’s REST, which stands for Research, Education, Stewardship and Training. Although research is the primary focus of the 29 established NERRs across the country, Dornbush — who’s an associate vice chancellor and interim dean of the Cofrin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay — sees this is an opportunity to reconnect people with the water (education), address pollution challenges (stewardship) and introduce citizen science-based programs to the region (training).”

“This is a great example of when the university is connected with the community, the types of things that can happen,” he said of UWGB leading the effort to establish a NERR in the region.

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