In the news: more reactions to Facebook‘confessions’ page

TV-2 opened its Thursday night newscast with a story about the “confessions” pages sweeping the internet at college campuses including UW-Green Bay. Reactions vary. While some institutions have questioned the sites and emphasized the potential hazards, others see it as a mixed bag. The UWGB Dean of Students Office notes that some of the posts here — by students “confessing” troubles or emotional problems — are quickly greeted by supportive messages. Social media specialist Todd Sanders also cautions against taking every post literally: “The creators…they could be students, they could be someone posting from a basement in New Jersey.” Students interviewed by TV-2 described the site as a fun diversion or a way to vent. See story.

Other schools warn students about leaving internet footprint
At several UW System institutions, postings to informal campus-based “confessions” site have raised concerns. That’s because of a relatively higher percentage of posts related to binge drinking, hookups and other risky or illegal behavior. Some institutions report that they are talking informally with key student groups and leaders to remind students that prospective employers often search the internet and take web posts into consideration in their hiring decisions. (While the survey software keeps the original “confessor” anonymous, any subsequent Facebook likes and me-too posts are public record.)

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