Sea Grant approves $500,000 for Green Bay area research – The Press

GREEN BAY – The National Sea Grant College Program, a program dedicated to maintaining coastal health and economics, has invested $512,500 into research projects and community outreach within the Green Bay area.

These Sea Grant projects are hosted through UW-Green Bay for the 2024-26 session and will focus on climate resilience, water quality, flood resistance and Lake Michigan beach health.

Local projects will surround the East River Watershed, which stretches from Green Bay’s Lake Michigan access and south on the East River.

Julia Noordyk, a specialist with Sea Grant and co-leader of the East River Collaborative conservancy group, shared details regarding the impact of the projects on community members.

“We are currently developing a plan to identify nature-based projects, like agricultural runoff treatment systems, floodplain and wetland restoration and green stormwater infrastructure,” Noordyk shared.

Green stormwater infrastructure projects will begin by supporting “areas of the community with residents who may be more vulnerable to climate hazards, such as flooding or extreme heat, due to their demographics (age, race, language, income, housing status, etc.)” she added.

Noordyk also encouraged residents to take advantage of the Residential Green Stormwater Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund.

This fund provides “low-interest loans to residential property owners to install green stormwater infrastructure on their property,” their website shares.

These projects include permeable surfacing for driveways and sidewalks, rain gardens and stormwater planter boxes.

Still, Noordyk shared that the best way people can support Sea Grant and green infrastructure projects is to “lead by example and show their family, friends and neighbors how cool these things are.”

More information regarding Green Stormwater Loan Fund and Sea Grant projects in the Green Bay area can be found at and

Source: Sea Grant approves $500,000 for Green Bay area research – The Press

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