Microsoft TechSpark leads regions transformation of tech education, training

SUAMICO – Welcome to Weirdshapeville, a triangle-shaped community that features its own library, “Little Ben” clock tower and Dash, a robotic tour guide who calls out the sights as it rolls past them.Bethany Dunning and Graham Gerondale, third-graders at Forest Glen Elementary School in the Howard-Suamico School District, planned out Weirdshapeville on paper, drew their map, colored it in and programmed Dash to call out cardinal directions and landmarks as it moves through town.Weirdshapeville welcomed its first dignitary to the two-dimensional town in December when Bethany and Graham took Gov. Tony Evers on a tour.  The project that produced Weirdshapeville was part of a lesson in mapping. The two third-graders had to show they understand how to make and read maps, cardinal and intermediate directions and how grid coordinates work.

…At the same cybersecurity forum, UW-Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander said the university is trying to infuse digital literacy and cybersecurity modules into a broader spectrum of the degrees the university offers while also introducing new majors and certificates, like its new cybersecurity master’s degree.

“These conversations all started with Michelle (Schuler),” Alexander said.

High school students don’t have to wait until graduation to start working on their degree, though.

High school juniors and seniors will be able to go to UW-Green Bay to start taking computer science courses next school year, without leaving their school, Dickert said.

Source: Microsoft TechSpark leads regions transformation of tech education, training

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