How to Feel Better in 5 Minutes Flat with Prof. Chu | Tatler Hong Kong

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out? Here are 23 expert tips from meditation teachers, psychologists, and life coaches on what you can do to feel better right nowWith the new year comes new year’s resolutions to do better: for our health, our headspace, and our well-being in general. While big behavioral changes and long-term goals may be challenging to implement, doing small things that take only a few minutes out of your day can help you feel better instantly, and can reinforce the development of good habits in the long run. Here are 23 pro tips on how to feel better right now.

Practice 5-minute mindfulness

“Regular mindfulness practices help people be able to be in touch with the present moments as well as their thoughts and emotions,” says Dr. Alan Chu, assistant professor and chair of the Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. “It also helps people be more aware and accepting of their thoughts and feelings with compassion rather than judgment.”Research shows that these benefits are manifested both physiologically (less muscle tension, better relaxation) and cognitively (clearing one’s mind, enjoying the moment more, and feeling calmer). A 5-minute daily practice would provide sufficient benefits, and beginners can use apps such as Calm and Insight Timer.”

Source: How to Feel Better in 5 Minutes Flat | Tatler Hong Kong