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It’s called the Entrepreneurial Training Program, and it means business for locals. I’m your Door County neighborhood reporter Katlyn Holt with a look at this program and how it can help you start your own business or get some help if you already own a business.

“You got to have guts and glory to make it,” said Homan.

Stephen Homan is the owner of ‘A’Boat Time’ restaurant in Sturgeon Bay.

He went through the Entrepreneurial Training Program a few months after opening in November of 2022.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Homan says he had always wanted to start his own restaurant.

“That’s kind of how A’ Boat Time, got the name because it was about time I got my restaurant,” laughed Homan.

The program helped Homan develop a business plan and answered a wide range of questions.

Tara Carr, the Small Business Development director for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay says this program has been successful across the state.

“People that want to start a business or are current business owners that want to strategize, plan, define their target market, work through the operations and the financials, and come up with a strategy for their business needs,” said Carr.

They aim to keep a high retention rate and reduce risk by educating entrepreneurs.

Devin Vandertie, the director of business development at the Door County Economic Development Corporation says the program is hosted in partnerships with UW Green Bay’s Small Business Development Center and this will be their 24th year.

“Success looks different to each business,” said Vandertie. “But we often see that businesses who have started wish they would have done it sooner.”

So far, there are 8 people signed up for this year’s program, which starts on January 18th and they’re hoping to get that number closer to 12.

Vandertie says Door County recognizes the value of entrepreneurs and small businesses which is what she attributes to the program’s success.

For Homan he says the program gave him a lot of knowledge, and he thinks dedicating time to the eight-week program is worth it.

“You just got to follow your goals and stick with them. It’s hard,” said Homan, “There’s people out there that are willing to help you.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Entrepreneurial Training Program, click here.

Source: A program that’s helping one Door County business find success

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