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GREEN BAY, WTAQ-WLUK) – UW-Green Bay and Cellcom are being honored for their efforts to monitor a sustainable environment in the waters of Green Bay.

The 2022 Climate Changemaker Award goes to those who use wireless technology to combat climate changes. “This is the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world, and I believe that this is world-changing research. The University of Wisconsin Green Bay is so committed to climate research, and wireless technology can take that to the next level,” said Brighid Riordan, Cellcom CEO.

Riordan tells FOX 11 a video produced by CTIA Wireless Foundation shows how science and the environment can work together. The effort is centered around yellow buoys, which are placed at various locations around the waters of Green Bay. The floats are looking for trouble below the surface.“The bay has issues with low dissolved-oxygen at the bottom, we call hypoxia, which happens during the summer. And then also algal blooms, including harmful algal blooms are the two main things we’re studying,” said Mike Zorn, UW-Green Bay College of Science, Engineering and Technology Associate Dean.

Zorn says electronic sensors collect data and use Cellcom’s wireless network to transmit that information to receivers in the area.“The real advantage of this is you can get data every half hour, every hour — whereas before, if you put a buoy out, you maybe had to wait. And the next time you would go out there, maybe would be a few months, and then you could bring the data back manually that way.”

Zorn says two buoys are currently part of the project. He hopes to double that number next spring. Brighid Riordan says Cellcom will be there to help.

“The climate needs us more than ever, the environment needs us more than ever, and this can really take it to the next level, in helping scientists monitor and preserve our Great Lakes,” she said. Part of the Climate Changemaker Award includes $25,000 grant. Scientists say they plan to use part of the money to buy more equipment and also cover the costs associated with the project.

Source: Efforts To Preserve Water Quality Receive Big Honors | WTAQ News Talk | 97.5 FM · 1360 AM | Green Bay, WI

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