spotlights Wojta in lengthy piece

Graham Hays of is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable and widely read analysts in women’s college basketball. When he suggests a player deserves all-America recognition…  it means something. Hays recently traveled to Green Bay to report on the unbeaten, No. 14 Phoenix and the team’s senior leader, Julie Wojta. He describes UW-Green Bay as a different kind of program, and Wojta as a different kind of superstar (unselfish to afault.) An excerpt:

“Wojta scored 24 points against Illinois on a neutral court and 29 points at Wisconsin. She shoots 56 percent from the floor, 86 percent from the free throw line, 40 percent from the 3-point line and ranks 19th in the nation at 19.7points per game (in addition to 20th in rebounding and 14th in steals). She nevertheless treats shots like a polite dinner guest treats the last roll in the basket. No, you take it. Really, I insist. I couldn’t possibly…”

Terrific recognition for the program as well as for the multi-dimensional accounting major from Francis Creek. Read more.

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