Chancellor’s statement on men’s basketball

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Tom Harden shared the following message Thursday evening (April 11) with University employees, campus and community stakeholders, and friends of the University.

You have perhaps seen media reports involving alleged unacceptable conduct within the Phoenix Men’s Basketball program.
It is important that I share with you some basic information.
On Tuesday night (April 9) I received a copy of an email written by the parents of a student who has recently left the program. The email brought to my attention allegations of improper verbal and other non-physical abuse directed at that player by the team’s head coach.  The next morning I responded to the family and assured them we would investigate in light of their allegations.  More specifically, we are retaining an outside local professional— someone with no relationship to the parties involved, the athletics program, or the University — to conduct a full, fact-finding investigation.
The investigator will submit the report directly to me, and I will determine the appropriate course of action at that time. I expect it could be a matter of weeks before the report is concluded. Beyond that, I have few details to share regarding these allegations.
Some would like for me to speculate on possible outcomes or to provide additional context.   It would not be appropriate at this time.  My office reacted immediately and properly to a complaint I considered serious within hours of its reaching my desk. When the facts are known and we resolve this matter, it will be on the basis of an independent review conducted by a respected outside professional.
I will keep you informed as we move forward.

Thomas K. Harden

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