Miller’s public statement on Governor’s proposals for UW System

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following public statement today (Tuesday, Jan. 27) regarding the Governor’s proposal to cut funding and lend autonomy to the University of Wisconsin System.

“The Governor has sketched a sweeping plan to provide the University of Wisconsin System the autonomy it needs to operate in an efficient and productive manner to meet the needs of Wisconsin students and to support a vigorous and growing Wisconsin economy. We look forward to working with the Governor and the legislature to shape the details of a new accountability model of Wisconsin higher education.

“Nevertheless, we are extremely concerned about the depth of the budget reductions the Governor is proposing for the coming biennium. These cuts represent unprecedented reductions in the state’s investment in higher education at a time when the state economy would benefit from the job-producing power of universities and when most other states are increasing their investment in higher education. These reductions come after significant reductions in each of the last three biennia.

“Considerable study and analysis will be required to determine the specific effects of the proposed reductions on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. However, it is safe to say reductions of the size proposed will have dramatic negative effects on our ability to sustain the important business of higher education for Wisconsin and to build partnerships in the New North to help grow Wisconsin.

“In the coming weeks we will be working closely with our faculty and staff, our friends in the community and our colleagues in the legislature to craft a way forward that does not permanently damage the great capacity of this wonderful university.”

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