Prepping for UW showdown, Borseth gets visit from

In the middle of a two-game homestand, head coach Kevin Borseth and the Green Bay women’s basketball team (7-2) are hard at work preparing to host rival Wisconsin (7-3) on Sunday (Dec. 23) at 7 p.m. During the team’s recent 10-day break over finals week, ESPN’s Graham Hays interviewed Borseth about his return to small-town Green Bay following a five-year stint as head coach of a Big Ten program at the University Michigan. The Hays article notes that programs the size of UW-Green Bay are often thought of as stepping stones on the career ladder, but in this case, “Green Bay doesn’t need to be a stop. For at least one person, it is a destination.” Links are archived at the Phoenix Athletics website.

Great quote on Borseth

The Dec. 20 Graham Hays column at has some nice descriptions of Phoenix Coach Kevin Borseth, including this about Borseth’s initial tenure here: “With a frenetic, foot-stomping, full-throated coaching style that played well in Lombardi’s town, and with rosters loaded with overlooked kids from Wisconsin and Minnesota, he became part of the fabric of (the) program…” There’s also this, from former player Celeste (Hoewisch) Ratka, “He’s definitely an entertainer. I remember a lot of fans would come up to us and say, ‘Wow,even if you girls weren’t so good, we’d still come just to watch your coach on the sideline.'”

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