UW-Green Bay’s Aldrete now featured via ‘The Great Courses’

Prof. Greg Aldrete has earned teacher-of-the-year honors both local and national. Now, there’s new recognition coming his way with publication of a video course as part of “The Great Courses” series. The video/audio series is produced by The Teaching Company, a Virginia-based distributor that employs noted educators to lead courses which are marketed to lifelong learners and others. (The series is frequently advertised in outlets including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist.)

Aldrete’s course is “The History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective,” and it explores the story of civilization from its beginnings up to about 800 AD — basically from Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages. The four dozen lectures (each 30 minutes in length) address development of ancient civilizations in Europe, Asia, India, Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas. Some of the sessions compare key features of different civilizations, analyzing the similarities, for example, between Homer’s Iliad and the epic poems of India, or comparing the armies of the Mayans, the Chinese, and the Romans. You can find more details about the course, or order it; click here.

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