Faculty notes: Draney, Kaye

Prof. Mike Draney of Natural and Applied Sciences is scheduled to lead the Winter Wonderland Hike on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 18, through the Baird Creek Parkway starting at Christa McAuliffe Park (3100 Sitka St.).  Each month the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation hosts a guided hike along Baird Creek, co-sponsored by the Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter of the Audubon Society.  For more information, click on www.bairdcreek.org.

The British Marxist Historians, the first book by Prof. Harvey Kaye of Social Change and Development (Blackwell, 1985; Macmillan, 1996 new edition) has now been published in a Turkish edition, İngiliz Marksist Tarihçiler. The book has previously appeared in Japanese and Spanish translations. Text your Turkish at the new edition’s website, click here.

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