Professors Holly & Forsythe publish capstone project alongside Environmental Science students

UW-Green Bay’s Michael Holly, environmental engineering professor, and co-authors recently published a paper on modifying waste media for removal of phosphorus from agricultural runoff. Data for the study was collected by the Spring 2021 environmental capstone class and two environmental science students, Camryn Swan and Keenan Leonard, participated as co-authors for the publication. The project, funded by the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin, was part of a collaborative effort including researchers at UW-Platteville and UW-Milwaukee.

“Common Buckthorn Engineered Biochar (Rhamnus Cathartica), Calcined Quagga Mussel Shells (Dreissena Rostriformis), Pickled Steel, and Steel Slag as Filter Media for the Sorption of Phosphorus from Agricultural Runoff” is the first effort by Prof. Holly and collaborators to modify waste residuals for use as reactive media for phosphorus removal from wastewater. Waste residuals used to remove dissolved phosphorus and reduce eutrophication would promote a circular economy. Results from the study are part of a larger effort by UW-Green Bay and collaborators to study agricultural runoff treatment.

To read the full article, click here or scan the QR code.

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