For your amusement (or aggravation): Harvey Kaye’s reading-list ‘nightmare’

Prof. Harvey Kaye of Social Change and Development had some fun with a piece titled “A Dozen Books I Don’t Want to See on the Bestseller List in 2014.” It’s published in the latest issue of Dissent, which describes itself as a quarterly magazine of politics, culture and the left. His fantasy list entries are mostly political and mostly not bi-partisan, but he also reserves a spot to tease a famous football personality.

Among books Kaye says he hopes not to see:

1. Jim Webb, Going Rogue: Why I Switched Parties—Again

7. Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, Life Begins at Seventy—Or at least Social Security Does

8. Glenn Beck, From Blackboard Jungle to the U.S. Senate: A Memoir

12. Brett Favre, Living Right, Indoors and Out: You Too Can Be a QB at Forty-five

For the full list, see the online edition.

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