UW-Green Bay Prof. Phil Clampitt featured on ‘Voice America’

UW-Green Bay Communications Prof. Clampitt’s latest project with Bob DeKoch was the topic of conversation on Tuesday’s edition of ‘VoiceAmerica,’ hosted by Maureen Metcalf.

Poor leadership spawns many current organizational ills: disengagement, turnover, absenteeism, and more. What is going wrong? Some leaders have the right beliefs and sentiments. Others may possess the right skills. Yet, world-class leaders need BOTH the right beliefs and practices to address the current employee and organizational challenges. That ideal combination produces a leader who goes beyond servant leadership to truly caring leadership – and the results on employee engagement are profound. In their new book, Leading With Care in a Tough World: Beyond Servant Leadership, authors Bob DeKoch and Phil Clampitt detail the transformation to caring leadership – and the reasons it’s so deeply needed by so many organizations. They share those reasons with host Maureen Metcalf in this episode. For daily leadership musings, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter (we’re @IL_Institute).

Listen to the full interview here.


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