New poll, new interviews: Helpap offers context for latest Marquette figures

Assistant Prof. David Helpap was called on Wednesday (Oct. 29) to provide context for the last Marquette Law School Poll before Tuesday’s election, speaking with WLUK, Fox 11 and the Green Bay Press-Gazette about what the latest numbers show. Incumbent Gov. Walker’s lead among likely voters (now 7 points statewide) suggests a significant turnout gap between conservative and liberal voters, Helpap told the newspaper. “This is a historic problem for Democrats — having trouble getting turnout in midterm elections,” Helpap said. “The numbers are showing that.” He echoed the statement in an interview with Fox 11’s Bill Miston, adding that “ …because the race is so close, even among registered voters, you still have to spend some time focusing on independents, as well.” You can check out both stories.
Green Bay Press-Gazette
WLUK Fox 11

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