Prof. Dean D. VonDras receives publication for review essay

A new review essay, “Journey into the Deeper Psychologies of Later Life,” by Psychology professor Dean D. VonDras, has recently been published in Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal

As Prof. VonDras notes in his essay, “Life is a process of transformations. Thus, like rivers that run to the sea, throughout life we are in processes of beginning and becoming, growing and reforming, and coming to points of culminations and ending”.

In his critical examination of recent works describing processes of aging and later-life, Prof. VonDras suggests how the life-stories of older adults reveal a journey into a deeper and more profound psychology in later life.  Moreover, Prof. VonDras advocates that “it is only through our careful listening and regard for the personal accounts and insights of older people that we come to understand the uncertainties and crises that arise in later life, and find new insights and diverse interpretations of what it means to grow older”.

To find the essay, use the following link:

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