Faculty notes: Prof. Emeritus Lockard, Prof. Bansal

Historian Craig Lockard, professor emeritus of Social Change and Development, was a keynote speaker at the Inaugural Conference of the Midwest World History Association, held at Loyola University in Chicago, October 15-17. His topic was “Middle Ground: Asian Diasporas and Trans-Regional Connections Since 1500.”

Gaurav Bansal, assistant professor with the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business and a specialist in statistics and management information systems, presented three research papers at the 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) held in Peru this year. Two of Bansal’s three papers were nominated for the best paper award. There were about 600 peer-reviewed research papers presented at the conference, and only 30 were nominated for the best paper awards. Bansal’s first entry was “Continuing E-book Use: Role of Environmental Consciousness, Personality and Past Usage.” A second paper, “Trading Trust for Discount: Does Frugality Moderate the Impact of Privacy and Security Concerns?” was co-authored with Mariam Zahedi of UW-Milwaukee. More information.

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