Faculty notes: Goff, Kraft

Prof. Victoria Goff, Communication and history, presented a paper at the American Journalism Historians Association’s annual conference, which was held Oct. 7-10 in Birmingham. Goff’s paper covered her research on how media moguls in Havana, Caracas, Madrid, and Mexico City have played a pivotal role in converting Miami into the epicenter of publishing and distribution of Spanish-language magazines in the United States. Goff also serves as AJHA’s Finance Chair.

Prof. Michael Kraft, Public and Environmental Affairs, presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences held from October 8-11 in Madison, Wis.: “U.S. Global Environmental Policy in the Post-Bush Era.” The paper will be published in 2010 as a chapter in a book by CQ Press: Renewal: The United States in the Global Community.

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