Faculty note: Prof. Michael Holly publications and grants

Assistant Prof. Michael Holly (Water Science, Resch School of Engineering) announced a number of publications and grants. Publications: Holly, M. A., Gunn, K. M., Rotz, C. A., & Kleinman, P. J. A. (2019). Management characteristics of Pennsylvania dairy farms *. Applied Animal Science, 35(3), 325–338. Kleinman, P. J. A., Spiegal, S., Liu, J., Holly, M., Church, C., & Ramirez-Avila, J. (2019). Managing Animal Manure to Minimize Phosphorus Losses from Land to Water. In H. M. Waldrip, P. H. Pagliari, & Z. He (Eds.), Animal Manure: Production, Characteristics, Environmental Concerns and Management (pp. 201–228). Rotz, C. A., Stout, R. C., Holly, M. A., & Kleinman, P. J. A. (2020). Regional environmental assessment of dairy farms. Journal of Dairy Science, 103(4).

Funded grants: Lead PI, Evaluation of Filter Media for Phosphorus Removal in Agricultural Runoff Treatment Systems. Submitted March 2020 to the UW System Undergraduate Water Research Fellowship Program, total amount requested $10,000. Status: Successfully funded, project initiated in August 2020 Lead PI, Hybrid and Online Program Development Proposal: Development of a Hybrid Environmental Engineering Technology Program. Submitted May 2020 to the UWGB Online or Hybrid Development Grant, total amount requested $30,000. Lead PI, Active Learning of Sustainability Assessment through a FYS Group Project. Submitted January 2020 to the UWGB Sustainability Teaching Development Grant, total amount requested $1,000. Status: Successfully funded.

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