Faculty note: Prof. Gurtu publication

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. of Supply Chain Management and Chair of Business Administration Amulya Gurtu has a peer-reviewed article published. The paper titled “Embracing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Performance Improvement: An Empirical Study” has been published in Benchmarking: An International Journal.

Abstract: This study has analyzed strategic issues in implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in manufacturing organizations in India and their relative importance. A survey of manufacturing organizations was conducted, and the data were analyzed using statistical tools (one-sample t-tests, correlation, and regression analyses). Improvement in product quality and flexibility of operations are the motivation for AMTs implementation. Top management support and sound financial condition are essential for implementing AMTs. Successful implementation of AMTs helps in reducing the lead time and improving overall business performance. The findings of this study will help organizations in the implementation of AMTs for improving productivity and business performance. The study is limited to manufacturing organizations in India. Organizations should allocate sufficient funds for AMT applications. Organizational culture should be made conducive to the adoption of new technologies. Employees should be provided adequate training for its successful implementation. The main contribution of this paper is that it provides a detailed analysis of strategic issues for implementing AMTs in manufacturing organizations.


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