Notes: VonDras

Prof. Dean VonDras, Human Development, is the author of two recent articles. The first results from a collaboration with Dr. Sigatoshi Iwahashi of Iwaki, Japan, and is a life-span oriented cross-cultural investigation of the exchange of social support resources: VonDras, D. D., Pouliot, G. S., Malcore, S. A., & Iwahashi, S. (2008). Effects of culture and age on the perceived exchange of social support resources. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 67(1), 63-100. The second discusses best-practices and concerns for teaching a course in gerontology: VonDras, D. D. (2008). Self-assessment of gerontology teaching practice: A first-step in enhancing student learning. Educational Gerontology, 34, 736-743.