We should not ignore the lessons of history with Prof. Emeritus Gregory Aldrete | Westmount Magazine

Both Byron Toben and I wrote recent articles on ancient Rome that featured and made reference to Dr. Gregory Aldrete‘s excellent and most informative lecture on Youtube entitled Cicero and the Secrets of Roman Oratory.It is very insightful and it continues to retain its relevance, and I have shared it with friends, who also appreciated it.Here is the link for my article, The fascinating world of Ancient Rome, and the link for Byron’s, Did Trump stud Cicero’s secrets of oratory?As both of us were very impressed by the lecture, the question arose – why not go directly to the source and speak with Dr. Aldrete? He was contacted by email and he replied within 24 hours while travelling and, to my delight, he generously agreed to be interviewed on the relevance of Classical studies and his passion for teaching.Before we get to the interview, here is some background on Aldrete, Professor Emeritus of History and Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, who has a website at gregorysaldrete.com

Source: We should not ignore the lessons of history | Westmount Magazine

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