Kraft analyzes Thompson Senate run, end of recalls for local TV

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is back in the state political spotlight as speculation about his potential U.S. Senate bid continues to grow. WLUK, Fox 11 asked our own Prof. Michael Kraft to weigh in on Thompson’s chances Thursday (Aug. 18), after it was announced Wednesday that the political veteran had named key advisers in preparation for a Senate run. Thompson’s main challenge, Kraft said, could be making it through a Republican primary in which some conservatives would be loath to vote for him. You can check out the full story, which led Thursday’s 5 p.m. newscast, click here.

Kraft also talked politics with WFRV, Channel 5, earlier this week, offering his take on the historic significance of this summer’s recall elections. Despite the unprecedented series of state Senate recalls in Wisconsin, Kraft doesn’t think this unusual type of election will become standard practice, he said. More.

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