Prof. Martin’s rant research gets NPR’s attention

National Public Radio’s “All Tech Considered” blog has taken an interest in Associate Prof. Ryan Martin’s online anger research, writing about the findings in a post filed Thursday, July 18. The blog discusses “Anger on the Internet: The Perceived Value of Rant-Sites,” a scholarly article written by Martin and three students that appeared recently in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. The research finds that, despite an initial feel-good boost when one posts angrily to what are termed ranting websites, the long-term effects can include lasting anger and even consequences outside the online world (including physical fights and aggression). You can check out the NPR blog, which links to the journal article, below. We’ve also provided a link to the most recent issue of Inside 360 magazine, which has a story on Martin and his rant research.
NPR blog
UW-Green Bay- Inside 360 magazine

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