Frost blogs on clerks institute, Athenian Dialogue for humanities website

Susan Frost, lecturer in Humanistic Studies, is a primary contributor on the topic of the “applied humanities” for the website The Arts & Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace. Promoters of the site including Frost and Prof. Christine Henseler of Union College (N.Y.) are seeking to generate traffic from humanities departments nationwide and to serve as a clearinghouse for why the humanities are vital to society and inform other disciplines.

Recently, a Frost essay shared the example of her work with the summer clerks and treasurers institute organized annually by UW-Green Bay. Municipal clerks pursuing professional certification through the institute are able to enroll in Athenian Dialogue sessions as a lens to consider contemporary leadership. Political leadership is examined in works such as Shakespeare’s Henry V and Julius Caesar or Alan Axelrod’s Elizabeth I, CEO, political dynamics in Doris Kerns’ Team of Rivals, and perseverance and team leadership is deconstructed in Alfred Lansing’s Endurance: Shackelton’s Incredible Voyage or Arlene Blum’s Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life. In her online essay, Frost writes, “This is a shining example of how literature becomes a powerful tool in communication, critical thinking, and team building. Thinking through the Humanities can be a transformative experience not only for clerks but for business people and educators.” Read more.

Another Frost article describes her online Adult Degree course Humanities, Business & Critical Thinking. Read more.

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