Faculty note: Emeritus Prof. Bill Conley has 226 publications, and counting

UW-Green Bay Prof. Emeritus Bill Conley (Mathematics, Business Administration) continues to publish articles and books on mathematics at an astounding level. Hired at UW-Green Bay in 1977, the Conley count is now at 226 published articles and books, with several new manuscripts currently under review. About 200 of the publications are articles published in journals across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Conley trained as a mathematician and could see early on the importance (and future) of applied math (e.g., computer science). “I came along when my field was ready to change,” he says. His solution technique, “statistical optimization,” can apply to many fields and takes advantage of the fast speed of computers to solve problems. Now in his fourth decade of scholarly productivity, he finds satisfaction in “writing articles and playing golf” as a retired UW-Green Bay professor.

Text submitted by Dean of the College of Health, Education and Social Welfare Susan Gallagher-Lepak



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