Faculty notes: Rybak publications

Chuck Rybak, associate professor of English and Humanistic Studies, has three pieces — a poem, a flash fiction piece, and a short story — that were just published:

• “Letters Home” is a long anagram using the names of Wisconsin casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, published in Scintilla Magazine‘s war issue, http://magazine.scintillapress.com/letters-home.html

• The flash fiction piece called “Arrivals” (or a prose poem, maybe a “piction”?) in the Wisconsin Literary Magazine Brawler, at http://www.brawlermag.com/#!arrivals-by-chuck-rybak/c17s0

• A full-on short story, called “Radar Gun,” in the “awesome” journal Midwestern Gothic, with PDF copies or hard copies of the issue available at http://midwestgothic.com/2011/01/issue-14-summer-2014/

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