Prof. Gaurav Bansal research accepted for publication in ‘Internet Research’

Prof. Bansal has his research accepted for publication in Internet Research (ranked A by Australian Business Dean’s Council) with Prof. Steve Muzatko of Arkansas State University (previously Accounting Prof at UW-Green Bay). The paper is titled “It Pays to be Forthcoming: Timing of Data Breach Announcement, Trust Violation, and Trust Restoration.”

This research examines the relationship between the timeliness in announcing the discovery of a data breach and consumer trust in an e-commerce company, as well as later trust-rebuilding efforts taken by the company to compensate users impacted by the breach. The paper’s findings suggest that companies that delay a data breach announcement are likely to suffer a larger drop in consumer trust than those that immediately disclose the data breach. The results also suggest that trust can be repaired by providing data protection. However, even after providing identity theft protection and credit monitoring, companies that fail to promptly disclose a breach have lower repaired trust than companies that promptly disclose.

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