UW-Green Bay professors teach at ‘Faculty College’

As would be expected from an institution known statewide and beyond for its commitment to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, several UW-Green Bay faculty members were prominent contributors to last week’s Faculty College. The three-day professional development opportunity was organized by the UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development and hosted by UW-Richland Center. Prof. Regan Gurung (Human Development/Psychology) facilitated the workshop “Advanced Methods for Using and Doing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
.” Associate Prof. David Voelker (Humanistic Studies/History) facilitated a workshop titled “An Introduction to Scholarly Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” Assistant Prof. Gaurav Bansal (Business Administration) and Assistant Prof. Caroline Boswell (Humanistic Studies/History) participated in the event as the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows from UW-Green Bay. Assistant Prof. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz (Humanistic Studies/Spanish) also attended. Unfamiliar with the UW System’s “Faculty College” but would like to learn more? See www.uwsa.edu/opid/conf/fc.htm.

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