Prof. Russ opines against downtown Walmart

Prof. Meir Russ of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business questions the economic development value of a proposed Walmart for downtown Green Bay. Writing the “con” piece for a pro-and-con pairing in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Russ says “The city and the state should focus all their energy on high-paying jobs, such as high-end manufacturing and health care (which has a large multiplier effect on the local and regional economies) and not spend a dime on supporting low-paying job creation that will need direct and indirect public support.”

Arguing the other side of the debate, citizen Sonja Campbell, who identifies herself as a low-income resident of the neighborhood in question, says she would welcome the ability to purchase inexpensive goods without having to drive or bus out to the beltline. “And how long is that property going to stay idle, without taxes being paid?” she writes, “How much more money is going to be wasted pushing an eager company out?

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