Arendt, Wolf take inaugural Student-Nominated Teaching Awards

It’s a brand-new award to be presented at the University Leadership Awards program Friday evening (May 14) at UW-Green Bay. The Instructional Development Council is recognizing two teachers with the inaugural Student Nominated Teaching Awards. As the name implies, nominations are made solely by students.  One award goes to a veteran teacher, and the other to an instructor relatively new in his or her career. Each recipient will receive a $100 S&E line to use for teaching-related expenses. Honorees this year, as chosen by the IDC awards subcommittee with student representation, are:

•  Lucy Arendt of Business Administration, currently an assistant professor of Business Administration and longtime instructor in management, in the “experienced teacher” division; and

•  Amy Wolf, associate professor of biology, who formally joined the Natural and Applied Sciences faculty in 2005, in the “early career” category.

The IDC fielded an impressive total of 47 teachers nominated from the ranks of
undergraduate teaching assistants, graduate TAs, instructors, lectures and faculty members. That list is as follows:  

Jenny Amel, Lucy Arendt, Forrest Baulieu, Karen Bircher, Caroline Boswell, Phil Clampitt, Marcelo Cruz, Sarah Detweiler, Matthew Dornbush, Heidi Fencl, Clif Ganyard, Adolfo Garcia, Regan Gurung, Phil Hahn, Stefan Hall, Aeron Haynie, Mike Hencheck, John Katers, Ken Knauf, Michael Knight, Mimi Kubsch, Katia Levintova, Alex Maybodsky, Mike McIntire, Rebecca Meacham, E. Nicole Meyer, Steve Meyer, Mindy Sue Meyers Wittock, Kim Nielsen, Cristina Ortiz, Debra Pearson, Lisa Poupart, David Radosevich, Deirdre Radosevich, Ellen Rosewall, Meir Russ, Denise Scheberle, Sara Schmitz, Heidi Sherman, Linda Tabers-Kwak, Andy Teal, Gail Trimberger, Bryan Vescio, Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Amy Wolf, Jen Zapf, and Mike Zorn.

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