Chen earns $42K-grant from UW System

We’ve got more good news on the research front, following up on Wednesday’s word that Nursing Chair Susan Gallagher-Lepak has received a $49,000-plus UW System Applied Research Grant. Associate Prof. Franklin Chen, Natural and Applied Sciences, also has received an Applied Research Grant from System, this one for $42,641 for 2014-15.

Chen’s project, titled “Chemically modified waste paper for biopolymer based soil conditioner as a replacement for petroleum based soil conditioner for lawn and garden products” (say that five times fast), will explore whether proposed new technology is better than existing solutions. In reviewing Chen’s proposal, committee members’ comments included “Great WI idea,” “Good industry collaboration” and “This is an excellent application of ‘green’ technology that has the potential to address two needs: 1) replace polymer-based soil conditioners, which are derived from petroleum, with a more environmentally friendly approach and, 2) create additional uses/demand for waste paper. Congratulations, Prof. Chen!

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