Chapter from Meacham’s collection appears in Legal Studies Forum

A decade-old work of fiction by Humanistic Studies Prof. Rebecca Meacham appearing in the current issue of a professional journal with “Legal Studies” in the title? Well, yes. The title story from her 2004 short story collection, Let’s Do, has been reprinted in Volume 37, no 1 of The Legal Studies Forum. The journal from the American Legal Studies Association promotes “humanistic, critical, and trans-disciplinary approaches to legal studies.” The story “Let’s Do” features a failed lawyer and an exceptionally bad interview at a law firm, among other things.

More Meacham: posts on writing
Also available from Prof. Rebecca Meacham, Humanistic Studies, are recent blog posts on the writing process for Ploughshares literary journal. One post is on rescuing your long lost writing relationship (read post). Her most recent post, in two parts, examines the link between writing and dreams (part 1 and part 2). Enjoy.

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