Notes: Higgins, Stokes

Doreen Higgins, Ph.D., assistant professor, Social Work Professional Program, is the author with University of Kansas Prof. Margaret Severson of a manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work. The title is “Community Re-entry and Older Adult Offenders: Redefining Social Work Roles.” Higgins also presented a poster presentation earlier this month at the American Society on Aging/National Council on Aging conference, Aging in America, in Las Vegas. Her presentation was titled “The Role of Estate Recovery in Medicaid Long-term Care: Perspectives of Older Adult Homeowners.”

Prof. Sandra M. Stokes, Education and Women’s Studies, has been selected by the International Reading Association to serve on its Adolescent Literacy Committee. This committee is charged with identifying promising middle and high school literacy programs as well as designing a plan for disseminating information about these programs. Previously, Stokes was chosen by Wisconsin State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster for the Department of Public Instruction’s Adolescent Literacy Task Force. The Adolescent Literacy Task Force work resulted in the publication of the State Superintendent’s Adolescent Literacy Plan.