Faculty note: Prof. Gurtu has trucking/logistics article published in International Journal

UW-Green Bay, Chair-Business Administration, and Associate Professor Amulya Gurtu (Supply Chain Management) has a peer-reviewed article that recently published. The paper titled “Truck Transport Industry in the USA: Challenges and Likely Disruptions” is published in the International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management.

This study presents challenges and likely disruptive changes in the US trucking/logistics industry in the next decade and how these challenges and disruption might affect supply chain management, logistics management, and truck transport industries in the USA. This is a qualitative study based on interviews with senior executives from big transport organizations. The shortage of drivers and capacity constraints precipitated to be the main challenges, and blockchain technology is likely to be a disruptive technology. There seems to be a consensus among the executives interviewed on the use of fully autonomous Class-8 trucks (semi) on highways and city roads that it is too far in the future.

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