At CATL blog, Weinschenk points to ‘video abstract’ by student Alvarez

Assistant Prof. Aaron Weinschenk of political science and the Public and Environmental Affairs faculty has contributed an essay to Teaching and Learning at UWGB, the CATL blog. His piece, titled “Taking Student Research to the Next Level,” talks about the value of undergraduate research and the well-known opportunities here for engaged students to present at the Academic Excellence Symposium, Posters in the Rotunda and at professional conferences. He shares an additional idea. Weinschenk worked with now-graduated student Kristine Alvarez on an independent study project focusing on the effect of income inequality on voter turnout. “She produced an excellent research paper and presented at several conferences,” says Weinschenk, who then encouraged Alvarez to summarize her project via a short “video abstract,” part of what the professor says should be a move to communicate science more widely via various channels to better reach audiences outside the academy.
For the Weinschenk essay and the Alvarez video, click

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