Research Council awards Grants in Aid of Research for Spring 2014 Projects

Each year the Office of the Provost sets aside funds for faculty research to help cover research expenses, such as travel costs for faculty who are invited to present research papers at conferences, to participate in concerts or exhibitions, or to purchase materials and supplies for research projects. Those funds are supplemented by additional support designated by the deans of the College of Professional Studies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The members of the UW-Green Bay Research Council met in November to select Grants in Aid of Research recipients for the Spring 2014 semester.

Fifteen GIAR faculty grants were awarded for a total of $12,866, as follows:
Tohoro Francis Akakpo, Social Work, Integration to Mainstream Society: A Community Study of Somali Refugees in a Midwestern City

Illene Cupit, Human Development, A University-Based Camp for Grieving Children

Ryan Currier, Natural and Applied Sciences, QEMSCAN Analysis for Antarctic Granite Partial Melt Samples

Greg Davis and Matt Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences, Amos Software for Structural Equation Modeling

Patrick Forsythe, Natural and Applied Sciences, Effects of Dam Removal and Habitat Restoration on Migratory Northern Pike Esox lucius in Northern Lake Michigan Tributaries

Catherine Henze, Humanistic Studies, Completing Music for Shakespeare’s Songs Restored

Sarah Ann Himmelheber, Social Work, Building Understanding of Charitable and Change Paradigms in Service-Learning

Ghadir Ishqaidef, Business Administration, Under the Radar: Incidence of Employment-Related Complaints and Court Decisions in the Temporary Help Supply Service Industry

Mark Kiehn, Education, Effects of Music and Arts Experiences on Higher-Order Thinking

Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Music, Performance and Premiere on the Composers’ Voice Concert Series, New York

Eric Morgan, Democracy and Justice Studies, A Dangerous Place from which to View the World: The Enigma of Control in the Novels of John le Carre

Jon Shelton, Democracy and Justice Studies, Against the Public: Teacher Strikes and the Decline of Labor-Liberalism, 1968-1981

John Stoll and Karen Dalke, Public and Environmental Affairs, Mustangs, Perceptions, and Efficient Resource Management

Christine Style, Art and Design, Solarplates for Intaglio Process

Aaron Weinschenk, Public and Environmental Affairs, Legislative Professionalism at the Local Level: The Case of City Councils

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