Today’s video: #UWGBLove explores love and art

We’re continuing our weeklong series of #UWGBLove videos, asking faculty members for their academic take on love, romance and other good stuff. Taking the virtual stage today is Associate Prof. Alison Gates, Art and Design, who tells us why she loves her job, her work — and the intersection of the two. Plus, we got a handmade Valentine out of the deal. You can watch its creation, and hear from Gates, here:

And in case you missed ’em, here are the first two videos in the series:
Associate Prof. Denise Bartell, on love and student success:
Associate Prof. Lucy Arendt, on (platonic) love in the workplace:

Share the Love Week continues on campus — watch for more and use the #UWGBLove hashtag to share something sweet.

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