Sanders also a Titletown champ

Todd Sanders, webmaster for the Student Affairs division at UW-Green Bay, is the big winner in the “Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race to the Big Game.” Sanders and co-driver John Pedersen dominated the competition in the tweet-fueled race. The duo drove from Los Angeles to Dallas in a Mercedes Benz S-Class 400 hybrid and earned 131,643 points in various social media challenges along the way. (That’s nearly twice as many points as the second place team.) As a result, Sanders and Pedersen each receive an all-new 2012 C-Class Coupe; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive a $45,000 donation from Mercedes-Benz; and UW-Green Bay enjoys having one of the most resourceful social media practitioners in the country on its staff. More on the race.

A social media machine

In his role at UW-Green Bay, Todd Sanders is the social media voice for Student Affairs, maintaining Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts. Sanders’ extensive social media skills not only helped propel him to victory in the Tweet Race but they also help engage students. Sanders also received a lot of help along the way, including thousands of tweets from his army of followers. Some included photos and videos. (Each tweet, photo and video helped boost his point total.) No word yet on whether Sanders will be giving free rides to everyone who helped him score points in the race.

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