Celebrating the UWGB concourses (tunnels)

busy-tunnel-topA fun Press-Gazette feature suggests that UW-Green Bay students haven’t been all that bothered by the extreme cold: “The University, like a handful of others across Wisconsin, has a system of tunnels and hallways connecting its main academic buildings. That means students can walk comfortably from class to class without piling on the layers.” There are photos, and quotes from Paul Pinkston, director of facilities management and planning, about the system that Founding Chancellor Edward Weidner justified in budget requests as intellectually necessary for an interdisciplinary institution where everybody was interconnected and working with others across campus every day.

The Opinion Page of the Green Bay Press-Gazette took a lighthearted, complimentary look at UW-Green Bay’s concourse system in its Wednesday (Feb. 5) editorial, praising the foresight of campus planners and reflecting on the tunnels’ benefits for students. It’s a follow-up to a front-page story from Friday (Jan. 31) that looks at the concourse system’s mile or so of tunnels — and the benefits they provide in all seasons, especially this frigid winter.

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