Sanders, in a Benz, to Dallas

Todd Sanders, webmaster for the Student Affairs division at UW-Green Bay, has won a national competition and been selected to be a driver in the “Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race to the Big Game.” Sanders and fellow Packers fan John Pedersen will pilot a Benz S-Class 400 hybrid. They’ll compete against three other teams in a “road race” from Los Angeles to Dallas with the vehicles somehow “fueled” by Twitter tweets. The tweets will be collected in social media challenges along the way, including ones Sanders’ friends here at UW-Green Bay can support. The celebrity “coach” of Sanders’ Team S is Peter Wentz, former Fallout Boy bassist and current (last we checked) husband of Ashlee Simpson. If Team S is propelled to victory, up to $50,000 will go to the charity designated by Wentz, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Team S will depart from LA on Feb. 2, and arrive in Dallas in advance of the big Packers-Steelers matchup in Super Bowl XLV. We’re told you can join Team S and learn more at

Video: How Sanders made his case
How does a quirky, creative and heavily bearded webmaster from Green Bay, Wis., earn himself a spot in a national promotion and a seat behind the wheel of a sporty Mercedes-Benz? He had to establish his social-media bona fides and advance his candidacy via a video submission. See why he won –

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