Faculty/staff notes: Desotell, Cataldo Pabich, Kaye

Kim Desotell and Stephanie Cataldo Pabich of Phuture Phoenix, along with Green Bay Public School District Principal Amy Bindas, presented in Madison at the Department of Public Instruction’s “Every Child a Graduate” Conference on Jan. 13.  Their session was titled: “Dare to Dream! The Phuture Phoenix Mentoring Model Serving At-Risk Youth.” This conference is held annually and educators attend from around the state.

Another New Deal 2.0 essay by Prof. Harvey Kaye, Social Change and Development, is getting national visibility. This piece, titled “Like FDR, Obama Could Become Teacher-in-Chief,” offers a little free and unsolicited advice to the current president in advance of his State of the Union address. Obama, Kaye writes, should go on the offensive. The essay was posted in the Huffington Post; click here.

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