Text of citations for newest 'emeriti'

The following are texts of all 11 citations prepared for the Jan. 19 campus convocation at which the newest faculty and academic staff granted “emeriti” status were recognized. The citations were read aloud by Provost Julia Wallace for the seven individuals able to attend the ceremony and receive their plaques from Chancellor Thomas Harden onstage in the University Union. (See the photo gallery at this location for a snapshot of the emeriti honorees in attendance.)

William Conley, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Conley has been a member of the UW-Green Bay faculty since 1974. In 2001 he received the Founders Award for Excellence in Scholarship. The author of numerous books and scholarly articles, he broke new ground in the application of statistics and quantitative research. These innovations extended beyond Business Administration to help modernize curricula in math and engineering, as well. For outstanding achievement and dedicated service to the University… The title “Professor Emeritus” is awarded to William C. Conley.

Sue Keihn, Associate Provost and Dean of Students Emerita
Dr. Keihn came to UW-Green Bay in 1996 from UW System Administration where she had been a senior policy and planning analyst. She was just the second person to hold the “dean of students” title at this institution. During her tenure the University experienced significant growth and solidified its role as an educational leader in Northeastern Wisconsin. For an outstanding career and dedication to student learning both inside and outside the classroom… The title Associate Provost and Dean-of-Students Emerita is awarded to Sue Keihn.

William Laatsch, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Laatsch came to UW-Green Bay in the late 1960s as an expert in cultural geography, and departed last year, having left us all a road map to what a distinguished and much-admired career in higher education should be. His teaching earned prestigious honors at both the state and national levels. The depth of his service to campus and community was remarkable. For helping define the excellence of UW-Green Bay and its faculty for more than four decades… We bestow the title “Professor Emeritus” on William G. Laatsch.

Craig Lockard, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Lockard joined the faculty in 1975. Over the course of 34 years he taught classes on Asian, African, comparative and world history. He earned numerous accolades for interdisciplinary achievement: writing scholarly articles ranging from Southeast Asian history to world music, delivering invited lectures nationally and internationally, and receiving from his peers the Founders Award for Scholarship. For distinguished service in both creating and sharing knowledge here and around the world… We honor Craig A. Lockard as “Professor Emeritus.”

Barbara McClure-Lukens, Academic Staff Emerita
The career of Barbara McClure-Lukens testifies to the unassailable value of “The Wisconsin Idea” — the idea that the boundaries of the University are the boundaries of the state… that education works best when shared widely, generously and with enthusiasm. Her success in “reaching out” to the community helped UW-Green Bay connect with learners young and old, far and wide. For impressive devotion to creating lifelong learning opportunities for others… We award the title “Academic Staff Emerita” to Barbara McClure-Lukens

Larry Smith, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Smith joined the faculty of “Modernization Processes” in the early 1970s. In four decades since, he has helped modernize and expand traditional views of economics to reflect a truly interdisciplinary approach: sustainable development… cultural and ecological economics… land-use management. “Social Change and Development,” not only the name of his academic unit, also describes a lifelong passion. For commitment to UW-Green Bay, higher education and the advancement of knowledge…We award the title “Professor Emeritus” to Larry J. Smith.

Sandra Stokes, Professor Emerita
Dr. Stokes has enjoyed a distinguished career as an educator and leader. With prestigious appointments to the Wisconsin State Reading Association and important initiatives of the state Department of Public Instruction, her influence is felt well beyond this campus. She has made important and long-lasting contributions to the Professional Program in Education, and to Women’s and Gender Studies. For sustained service to UW-Green Bay and for excellence in higher education… We award the title “Professor Emerita” to Sandra Stokes.

Karen Swan, Academic Staff Emerita
For 23 years, Karen Swan served the UW-Green Bay community in health services, most recently as director of Counseling and Health Services. She received the 2002 Founder’s Association Award for Excellence in Academic Support, and was recognized by her peers as a leader within the UW System. For dedicated service to UW-Green Bay, its students, staff and faculty… We award the title “Academic Staff Emerita” to Karen K. Swan.

Denise Sweet, Associate Professor Emerita
Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dee Sweet inspires students, colleagues, readers and fellow citizens: Inspires them with her graceful, exquisitely crafted poetry… or, just as often… inspires them to find their own voice in telling their own stories. Whether teaching a creative writing class for Humanistic Studies or a class in First Nations literature and culture, she saw her role as more guide than lecturer. For unlocking the power of words as a force for beauty and truth…We award the title “Associate Professor Emerita” to Denise Sweet.

Jan Thornton, Associate Provost Emerita
Dr. Thornton concluded her 37-year UW System career as Associate Provost for Outreach and Adult Access. The measure of her achievements is simple: more learners, more learning. From the growth of the Adult Degree Program to the creation of Learning in Retirement, from summer camps for children to continuing education for adults, wherever possible she “extended” the University to address community and individual needs. In honor of a distinguished career in outreach and extension…We bestow upon Jan Thornton the title “Associate Provost Emerita”.

Lynn Walter, Professor Emerita
Dr. Walter is a recipient of two of this institution’s highest honors: The Founders Award for Scholarship, and the Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professorship. She is a celebrated scholar on women’s studies, human rights and ethnicity issues. Her work on global food insecurity resulted in creation of the Center for Food in Community and Culture at UW-Green Bay. For interdisciplinary achievement, for a career devoted to problem-solving and involvement, the title “Professor Emerita” is awarded to Lynn E. Walter.

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