In the media: Editorial cites LIFE Study, led by UW-Green Bay’s Warner

A large-scale regional study led by UW-Green Bay’s Lora Warner continues to inform community and media discussion around significant issues in Northeastern Wisconsin. An editorial in Sunday’s (Jan. 8) Green Bay Press-Gazette cited data from the Leading Indicators For Excellence, or LIFE Study, that show that for the first time since 1995 more Brown County residents believe they could not have an impact on decisions made by county leaders than those who believe they could. The Press-Gazette editorial board used this fact as a springboard for its piece on the importance of voter education and engagement, imploring readers to help reverse a trend of increasing voter apathy at the local level. You can read the editorial, and find more info on the LIFE Study, by clicking the links below:
Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial
LIFE Study

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